Techne Article

tech·ne | \ ˈteknē\

Etymologically derived from the Greek word τέχνη (Ancient Greek: [tékʰnɛː], Modern Greek: [ˈtexni], that is often translated as craftsmanship, craft, or art.  

Warrior SC is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Techne.  Helping players with the goal of becomeing the most technical in the area, this is just one of the tools we provide.

The Techne Futbol program was created by former UNC, NWSL and US Women’s National Team standout Yael Averbuch.  The program is designed based on her journey, as well as those of many former & current professional players on both technical and mental training aspects.  Techne is utilized by many of the top academies, current pros, and international players, and Warrior SC is proud to be able to offer this to its families.  

“The Techne app provides our players with a fun and competitive way to improve their skill level while learning to take ownership of their development process.  Consistent repetition is the key to success in personal development, and Techne will help our players enjoy the process as they strive for excellence in the game we love.” - Warrior SC President, Chris Bess.

The partnership with Techne Futbol begins February 9th.  Players will receive email invitations and coaches will be in touch with their teams to discuss this exciting new program.


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